Monday, 31 December 2012

So here we are at a new year. Wow time goes so fast the older you get. Seems like I just turned 25 and here I am 35. Makes  you really think about how fast life goes by.
This year has brought many good things. I thank the Lord for that. He sent my husband the job he wanted and needed. He taken care of us and brought us through many hard days. He has kept us healthy and safe. I hope the new year brings many more new and exciting things for us.

My goals this year. I try not to make a "resolution" list. Although January 1st is a good time for a fresh clean slate. So I will just consentrate on what I already do and make it even better.

1. Get closer to God. I dont think anyone can be too close. And even if you are close, you can get closer. I am going to read my bible more, study my sunday school lesson. Pray often. And if I tell someone I am going to pray for them, I will write their name down so I wont forget.

2. Take care of my body. This is something that I have let go for so many years. This year I joined a gym and have being doing good. I have lost almost 40 lbs since May. I feel great and I do things at the gym I never thought I would. So with all that said, I am going to be sure I excersise EVERYDAY. Even days that I can get to the gym, I will at least go walk or get out and do something.

Thats is pretty much it, everything else will work its self out. Happy New Year!

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Babes Mami said...

I can not wait to pop this child out so I can REALLY get back to fitness!!