Monday, 7 February 2011

Boo in the Zoo 2010

I love Halloween. The fun of dressing up and going out in the crisp air for strangers candy! Ok, other than the "strange" candy, its really fun to dress up. But most of all, I love to work on Halloween scrap pages. They always seem to just flow together. So Brett and I took Miles and Mercy to Boo in the Zoo for the 1st time. It was really crowed, but the line moved fast. If you havnt been dont expect to see any animal in their costume, or any animals for that matter. There were a few. Reptile house was open, some goats to pet and monkeys that screamed at us. It was a fun adventure anyway. I believe their park there is the best feature. They have this awesome rubber mulch! So I dont have to pick it out of my shoes! This year Miles will be older and can get down and play more.