Monday, 23 January 2012

Wow, Cant believe its been so long since I have posted! Life has really been moving along. Ill have so much to update on. One big ol reason I havnt been blogging is my laptop died on me! Boooo hooo!! I mean really, what the heck? Now I cant deceide if I want to have it worked on or just break down and buy a new one. So anywho! Havnt been crafting much, but I have been baking and cooking and doing a few things. Miles is 27 mths old now. Seems like I just had him. Times does fly, but again seems like I have had a fussy baby for EVER! He is so wild, I cant seem to keep up. He is trying to talk in sentances....which may not be a good thing haha. When he does something wrong, he will go ahead and spank his self. I find this very funny, and saves me from feeling bad from having to do it myself. So there you have it. Here is a cute pic of him laughting at his birthday party. Looks cute huh....right before we gathered everyone for the big ol Happy Birtday song...he takes a big ol yucky in his diaper, nice huh? So my child!
For more serious news of the homefront. We lost a beloved pet last summer. My heart was completly broken. Still is. I cant believe Rock is not laying at my feet as I type this. I could NOT have ask for a better dog. He was the easiest to potty train, he loved to sleep, he loved to lay on my lap, he knew when I was sick, he was the best. He accepted Miles the very moment we came home with him. Even though I had some nut case of a dog whisperer try to tell me to get rid of him. She said he was going to eat my baby....these people kill me. Yea he really killed him alright, does drowing in dog slobber count? Miles raced cars up and down his back, he put things in mouth, he rode his back like a horse. He inspected every part of that poor dogs body...and I mean EVERY part! lol I will forever miss my best friend. I miss cleaning out his ears and eyes. I miss plucking the hair from around his teeth, yea the not ask.....I have no idea. I miss letting him out to poop at the last minute because he was so lazy he would hold it in. I miss putting baby blue PJs on him. I miss riding him in the car and people giving us double looks. I miss taking him to park with Miles. I miss just laying in the bed or on the couch with him on a lazy rainy saturday afternoon. I honestly believe dogs go to heaven. And I cant wait to pet his soft sweet head again one day. Im sure he is sitting at my doorstep now, sleeping and waiting for me to come home. Im not sure Ill ever be able to have another pet. I hope so. And Im sure I will. I see the smile and light in Miles eyes when he sees a sweet dog. So I know Ill break down and get him one one day when he is old enough. Until then Ill say good night and touch Rocks urn each night, and sometimes hold it and cry just a little.