Monday, 26 March 2012

Baby shower time. Not for me, no
 So many ideas! This was going to be a onsie ...but I was going to have to cute away a lot of cake. So we made it in a dress and tried to save as much cake as possiable. Now this cake was not as moist as the others, due to the fact I was going to be sawing a way on it. It was almost like a pound cake. The lady bug was a frozen buttercream design that I did. It was so easy!
I think this was the best tasting cake I have ever made! I made it for my preachers wife, Ms Bobbie. I told her I made it was love...cheesy I know. But I do love her and I did spend a lot of time on this cake to make sure it was as perfect as I could get. We always have a church dinner for her, and we all enjoyed it! I made this cake with applesauce....and boy it was super moist! I can always look back at my cakes and see where I can improve. Maybe one day Ill go take some classes and maybe Ill get them to look as good as they taste :)
Now this is a cow cake I made for my step daughter. Her request was, "A goofy looking cow".....well there you go....Looks pretty goofy to me......I now wish I had went back and wrote Happy Birthday to Moo on it......but she wanted it plain.I also made some cupcakes to go around the cake that were just green grass.....made it look kinda cute :)
So I been in a baking mood! I am always trying new things when it comes to anything crafty or why not make it so you an eat it! Here are a few cakes Ive been working on. Maybe one day I can start a little bakery...wouldnt that be fun! Instead of a happy little tree, Ill have a happy little bakery :) Get it? Ok , moving on lol.......So this is a cake I did for a friend of mine. She needed a cake for her daughters birthday. She was doing Aerial. No luck finding a pan or anything, so I had to free hand this bad boy. I see so many ways I could have improved this, but with the time I had, I think it turned out ok.