Monday, 31 December 2012

Cant believe my son turned 3 this year!! His birthday was in October and it was a beautiful but chilly day and we took him to the park for his party. I kept it simple this year. I invited his friends to a drop in style party. Nothing more than cupcakes and few balloons. The kids could play their hearts out. I didn't even stop them for the happy birthday song! It was wonderful! Stressful for sure. The parents were able to talk and play with their children and not be forced into watching each gift open and blah blah. If a child came with a gift, I would have Miles come over to greet them and open it right then so he would know which gift came from which person. Until he is older and wants to do something else this is the way to go!
It was so laid back I forgot to take pictures too! I felt bad for that, really bad. I was able to get one picture of his friend Dylan. He is such a sweet heart!
After his park party with his friends, we had a little dinner and cake with just family at Nannys house. This again was so relaxing and fun. My Nanny offered to cook spaghetti and we open a few gifts and enjoyed cake!
Miles wanted a monster truck cake. That was all he talked about. So he was so excited to see a monster truck on his cake.

Happy Birthday my sweet 3 year old!!!

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