Monday, 20 September 2010

Paper Bag Album

So this is my 2nd paper bag album. I am still working on the 1st one. I made this for my mom for her 1st grandparents day. Its all in neutral colors because I had a neutral baby pack of paper. I learned that is the key to making one of these. If all the paper coordinates, it will flow and look a lot better than trying to match up scraps ( which you can still do) .

These are just normal size lunch bags, but I followed directions from watching youtube videos, I watch several so I wont call out just one. But one thing I did learn was to cut the bag to make it 4x6. It is naturally 4 inches but I cut down on the open part of the bag to make it 6. I think it will come about 7 inches. This helps in saving paper, since the paper I was using was 12x12. This left me with some scrap pieces that are perfect sizes to go back and make the pockets and folders.

I didnt make a video ( I dont have the set up or quiet time). So I just made a slide show, but you can get the idea. I dont think I got the front inside cover. Maybe once my mom goes back and puts pictures inside I will make another slide show so you can how it turns out!